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The environment inside your body either supports health or disease. It can be a place where viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungus/yeast thrive, or can’t survive. These infections love a toxic terrain. Many diseases can develop and thrive in toxicity and inflammation.

A clean body inside works better in every way – more balanced hormones, less inflammation, more energy, better healing and repair. Clean up the inside, and watch all kinds of symptoms fade away!

Our Foundational Detox Program is brilliantly designed to follow your body’s pathways of detoxification and drainage. Of course you would unclog your kitchen sink before dumping any more stuff in – and in your body, you would clear and support the paths toxins take out of your body before making it release a bunch of toxins.

We focus increasing the energy in your cells and organs, and work from the bottom up. First addressing colon and gut function, and liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Then each phase takes the next step upstream. This way you have few if any detox reactions!

In the course of this program, we’ll address many different types of toxins (not all toxins can be bound and removed the same way), energy, inflammation, and all types of infections. Each phase can be repeated, extended, and customized. (A lifetime of accumulated toxins and pathogens probably can’t be cleared in only 4 months, but you’ll make tons of progress and feel the changes – we see so many different symptoms go away!)

Very sensitive people, such as those with chronic Lyme, mold illness, cancer or chronic fatigue who wish to detox will probably do better on the Comprehensive Detox program, which is very similar, but slows it down over 10 months.

In our group detox coaching programs, Dr. Jennings teaches you a wealth of information about your body, different types of toxins so you know how to identify and avoid them, how to eat to support detox and stay clean, and much more. It’s a life-changing program with many happy graduates!


Harsh detox effects? Not a one! I feel great, I’ve learned so much. My health has improved substantially. And, my hubby? Well, his UC is gone, he’s back to feeling really healthy and his bowels are normal.

Victoria and Jim


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I would absolutely recommend the group Foundational Detox to others - and I already have. Dr. Jennings is a phenomenal coach!

All the other support resources that have been uploaded into the portal make it feel like a gold mine!


Lac La Nonne, Alberta

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Barbara Jennings, DC, Psc.D. 


"I help people restore their health and energy naturally. with practical and real-life methods." 

Dr. Jennings' expertise in detox, thyroid, and natural healing comes from personal experience. She once suffered from severe autoimmunity, fatigue, hair loss, and more - and has spent years developing protocols to provide natural, powerful functional nutrition based methods that empower your body to heal.

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