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I am beyond grateful to be participating in your 4 month detox program. I knew it was going to be valuable and it was valuable beyond my expectations. Not only do I feel like I have given my body the gift of the cleanse (and my bloodwork proved how well it worked), you provided us an amazing education that will last my lifetime. I feel empowered with many tools to move forward into the future with the knowledge of not only how to avoid some of the environmental toxins, but how to clear the ones that I take in from our toxic world. Several of the extraordinary products from the program, I know will be using regularly for the long term. Again, thank you for offering this incredibly valuable program that I believe everyone should do!

Victoria and Jim

Detox, sounds harsh doesn’t it? To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to participate in this four month Detox program. After all, I did a detox/cleanse that my hubby talked me into doing and it was about two weeks long. It was extremely harsh on my body! I felt terrible while doing the program, the effects about wore me out and my body reacted severely. So when I heard about this program, I pretty much dismissed it out of my mind. But, then there’s Dr Barbara Jennings, someone whom I’ve watched with our phototherapy patches, and someone whom I came to trust. And, my husband was very interested in the program. 

But, my mind said four months? How could this possibly take four months? The idea of feeling poorly for four months straight simply still didn’t appeal to me. So my hubby Jim talked me into joining the program, and I rather hesitantly and a bit reluctantly decided to join — mostly to support him. 

My hubby has suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for many, many years. He was in remission for a long time, but after we got married 8 years ago, it came back. He could get it under control and be a bit normal for a while, but then it would come back with a vengeance. Well it came back almost two years ago and it’s been devastating to him, with a few trips to the hospital involved. He saw a gastroenterologist and was put on some heavy duty, super-expensive medication to keep it at bay. For a while, it helped, but soon quit working. Then the doctor started looking at another medication, that is even more expensive than the first one mentioned. It was well and good while our good prescription coverage was in effect and he had a few treatments. This new medication helped but he still had a long way to go. Then Jim hit Medicare age, our coverage had to change. And we found out that for him to use this super-duper, heavy-duty medication would have cost us $3,000 copay for every shot that he got — and he was scheduled to get a shot every 8 weeks. No co-pay assistance available. We knew that we could not sustain this medication, and while it was helping, his UC was still an issue. 

So join the program we did, and while it wasn’t inexpensive, it is a bargain compared to the costs associated with the prescription drug. Our kits arrived and we went through them. Dr Barbara’s zoom sessions every two weeks not only talked about the detox products, but she prepared us and educated us on how the entire program worked. You start literally from the bottom and work your way up to detox every area. She step-by-step educated us on why what we were doing was important. She showed us how everything we put in or on our bodies affect our health. She informed us about the effects of pesticides, heavy metals, how our mitochondria function and how best to prepare our bodies to be healthy. 

Harsh detox effects? Not a one! I feel great, I’ve learned so much. My health has improved substantially. And, my hubby? Well, his UC is gone, he’s back to feeling really healthy and his bowels are normal. That’s something that his gastroenterologist and the medications couldn’t do for him (did they help? Yes, but they didn’t fix the issue). Both Jim and I highly recommend participation in Dr. Barbara Jennings' Foundational Detox program. And, using this program in conjunction with phototherapy patches kicked it up several notches. We will repeat this program year after year!


These areas of my health were addressed most significantly with the Foundational Detox:

Before the detox- Falling asleep has always been a struggle for me; I’d flip and flop for up to an hour before falling asleep, no matter what time I went to bed at night. Now - I fall asleep within 10 minutes of laying down - this is unbelievable progress for me! 

Before the detox- For the past 7 years (since the onset of menopause) I’ve been awakened by hot flashes EVERY night at 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. While the 1 am hot flash was disruptive, I could fall asleep fairly quickly after I cooled down. However, the intense heat of my 3:00 am hot flash was so severe that it woke me up entirely, and I was usually not able to fall back asleep - at all. So, 3:00 am has been my wake up time, most days, for years. Even being the high energy person that I am, it was beginning to take its toll on me! Now, I am rarely awakened by my 1:00 hot-flash - I’m not even sure if I actually still get it every night. While I do still wake up with a hot flash at 3:00 am every night, the heat is not as severe, and I am able to fall back asleep most nights. About half the time now, I’m able to “sleep in” until 6 or 7 am, and obviously, I wake up feeling more refreshed than I have in MANY years!

Before the detox- I’ve been working on building a “healthy gut” for about 10 years, and I had made much progress prior to the detox; but still, my bowel movements weren’t always consistent. Sometimes they were healthy and regular, but I also sometimes had diarrhea, and sometimes constipation for days. Now, I have very predictable, healthy stools, all the time. 

Maybe it’s because I’m sleeping better now, or because I’m carrying around fewer toxins and my mitochondria are working better- whatever the reason - another noticeable improvement I’m feeling is my stamina. Even as early as week 4 of the four-month detox, I began to notice that I was less winded during my 2 km morning walk. Prior to this, at the top of my first hill, I would have to stop to regain my breath before continuing; but not anymore! And I’m now walking my 2 km trek not only once, but twice a day- effortlessly!

I followed this program exactly as it was outlined - it was very easy to follow.

I’m very grateful for the advice Dr. Jennings provided me, with respect to my hot flashes.

My top take-aways:
Improvements to my sleep
More stamina
Better bowel movements
Learning WAY more than I anticipated - I thought I knew a lot about my body, but with my prior knowledge focused mostly on gut and liver health, I now realize how limited my knowledge was. I learned SO much from Dr. Jennings!

Connections made for the future - I would definitely seek support from Dr. Jennings in the future if I have any health issues that need to be addressed.

The learning sessions were taught at a useful level for understanding. Having the slideshow helped a great deal - seeing and hearing the info certainly supported the learning. And if need be, we could always re-watch parts of the recorded slideshow to aid with understanding.

Would you recommend the group Foundational Detox with Dr. Jennings to others? Why?

I would absolutely recommend the group Foundational Detox to others - and I already have. Not only are the supplements of high quality, Dr. Jennings is a phenomenal coach! Her knowledge of the supplements, the human body and the toxins that are present in our bodies made her exceptionally qualified to lead us through the detox. Her own experience in taking the supplements, coupled with the stories of success she’s had with some of her patients, were an added bonus to her credibility. And Dr. Jennings' availability was the “icing on our coaching cake”; any questions I asked, either in the Facebook group or via Dr. Jennings' email, were answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. She really is amazing!

I also appreciated that Dr. Jennings readily provided us with various options for using the supplements, so we could adjust the doses to our bodies’ personal responses.

Her coaching also included a plethora of other types of support, so the approach to our detox felt very holistic; while the supplements were a big part of our detox, it wasn’t just about the supplements.

A huge bonus in being part of the group is access to the portal. Fortunately, I was able to tune into the live Zoom meetings, but if I would have had to miss one, there was comfort in knowing that the recorded meeting would be uploaded into the portal to watch at another time. And all the other support resources that have been uploaded into the portal make it feel like a gold mine!

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